Puff Ball was created by Emily McCall- the photographer. She shoots pets, and she shoots other stuff.

I started taking photographs when I was.. I want to say 10 or 11. My older sister snagged our point-and-shoot camera, shot and compiled some photographs of our fathers garden, and created a slideshow set to “Isn't This a Lovely Day” by Fred Astaire. He said it was the best gift he'd ever received. In the name of sibling rivalry, I decided that I wanted to show her up; I've been attempting to do so ever since. (Long story short, I did. She retired from photography after her slideshow debut).

I photograph pets for two primary reasons. One, I cannot help but. Animals are the true loves of my life, and photographing them makes me feel good. The second, our pets are our most honest companions. And in turn, they bring out the honesty in we the people. Our pets don't ask us to be witty or smart, beautiful or charismatic; they don't see our rough edges. If you look at a photograph of an animal and their human, you are looking at one of the most honest portrayals of love there is.

Puff Ball is based in Austin, TX. Emily is available for travel.

What's in a name? Why Puff Ball. 

When I was about 14, I presented my dad with a photograph. It was a black and white picture off a dandelion puff. He told me he loved the photograph and thusly decided to dub his website PuffBall.org

Since my father was the one to stay home with my sister and I, there is hardly a childhood memory of mine that doesn't have him in the background. Tending to his garden, making sugar-restricted baked goods, banging away at the piano or his ukulele, and reading- always reading. Any activity that required a tune or rhythm to be kept he did without skill, but with endless enthusiasm. In addition to his many pleasing pastimes, he was blindingly brilliant in a few areas- complex mathematics and computer science. These areas of true expertise were considered pastimes to him as well; he would create for himself seemingly impossible problems just for the joy of solving them.

My comedic, musically-impaired, delightfully odd, brilliant father died March 10th, 2016 of prostate cancer. He was four score years and ten. More important than his brilliant mind was his gentle soul. Puff Ball is my tribute to James McCall, my dad.