Anubis & Heilo

At least once a week, I find myself perusing sphynx cats on google. This is no joke; I'm obsessed with the hairless wonders. I also love the magnificent Xoloitzcuintli, but there's something about sphynx cats that makes them adorably alien. I've been pestering my husband, Michael, to get one for a while now. He's just not a huge fan of being responsible for a pet that might require both moisturizer and a sweater. 

Janelle and John live just outside Austin with their two girls and two pets. The first shoot I did for them, photographs of Anubis the sphynx, was done mere days after Janelle gave birth to their second daughter. I assumed she would want to reschedule to another day (I remember the demands of newborns vividly), but Janelle was perfectly fine to go ahead with the shoot. She is, in short, one bad-ass mama. 


The second shoot we did was with Heilo, their vizsla. We shot in the backyard, and Michael was instrumental in the success of the shoot. He spend about 30 minutes throwing the frisbee and wrestling with Heilo so I could get some action shots. We then set up the blue canvas drop and proceeded to get not only fine art shots of Heilo, but some gorgeous shots of Janelle and the kids. 


What a tremendous success these two shoots were! Janelle and her family are all extremely kind and welcoming, and shooting for them was a true pleasure.