Frequently asked questions


+ How should I prepare for my photo shoot?

That's an excellent question! Once you have booked your pet photography session, you will receive both my e-pamphlet and my pet questionnaire. The e-pamphlet will guide you through the preparations I recommend before your session, and the questionnaire will give me some basic insight into your companion's temperament and limitations.

+ What kind of pets do you photograph?

What pet do you have? There's your answer! I love all creatures, and there are no limitations on the breeds or species I will photograph. I have experience shooting dogs, cats, lizards, birds, and many types of snakes. I would love to photograph your pets whether they have 100 legs or none at all.

+ What if my pet is timid, or completely bananas?

Most of our beloved pets are not accustomed to sitting still for long periods of time or staring down the barrel of a large, intrusive camera. But fear not! Being a pet photographer means knowing how to follow the action, being patient, and not being being afraid to get a little muddy. If your pet is shy, I will spend extra time letting them becoming familiar with me and then use my zoom lens to capture portraits from a distance that they're comfortable with. If all your dog wants to do is sniff my lens, we can distract them with a favorite toy or put them on their leash (which can later be retouched out).

+ My dog cannot be off leash, but I don't want to see the leash in my photos. Is it possible to remove it in Photoshop?

Absolutely! If your dog is unable to be off leash, I will direct you during the shoot on where to stand and how to hold the leash so I'm able to retouch it out in Photoshop. These photographs can end up being some of the best, because dogs tend to feel calmer when on their leads.

Collars and harnesses usually cannot be retouched from a photograph. For that reason, I recommend purchasing a collar for your dog that you'd like to see in your photographs.

+ Where will the shoot take place?

The shoot location can be any number of places. We can shoot in your home, at a location you've chosen, at a location I've recommended, or at my studio (depending on the package/additions purchased).

If you'd like to have your pet portraits done in my studio, keep in mind the temperament of your beloved pet. Do you think they would be nervous to come to a strange location and therefore be too shy to get the photographs you're looking for? If that's the case, I am happy to bring my gear to you and set up the shoot in your home, where your companion is at ease.

+ My pet cannot travel. Will you come to our home?

Absolutely. I'm always happy when a client welcomes me into their home and lets me capture their pet at ease in a familiar environment.

If we are shooting in your home and you've purchased the Adventure Session, abundant natural light will be required. If your home is lacking in natural light, you can purchase Studio Lighting from the Additions menu and I will bring the light to you.

+ How far will you travel?

To the ends of the earth! But seriously- if you have a pet penguin that you want photographed in his natural habitat, I'm on board.

For each session, I will travel up to 25 miles from the Austin zip code 78751 at no additional cost. If you live further than that, or out of state or country, let me know and I will send you a customized travel quote.

+ How many photographs will I get from my session?

This depends on the type of session you've purchased. From most of the sessions, you will get 7 extensively retouched photographs. The Rainbow Bridge session includes 14 photographs, as this session aims to tell a photographic story. The Now & Then session also includes 14 photographs in total, because the session is comprised of two separate shoots.

You can always choose to purchase additional photographs. Extensive retouching is included in the price of additional photographs.

+ What does 'extensive retouching' mean?

Retouching is a huge part of the photography process. Basic retouching includes color correction, exposure correction, rotation, cropping, spot removal, general dodging and burning, and simple leash removal.

Extensive retouching is anything beyond that. This can include removal of distractions (people, cars, signs, etc), complex removal of leashes, subject replacement, addition of objects, merging images/panoramic images, color grading, and high-end skin retouching.

All of the images you receive from me will be extensively retouched.

+ What if the weather doesn't cooperate on the day of the shoot?

Texas weather is often unpredictable. If we're scheduling a session that relies on good weather, we will set aside a back-up date during our pre-shoot consultation. There will be no charge to reschedule due to bad weather.

+ What if I'm late to the shoot?

I understand that even the most well-laid plans go awry from time to time. If you're going to be late to your photo shoot, please call me as soon as possible to update me on your arrival time. If you are going to be more than 30 minutes late, that time will be deducted from your total shooting time. You may also, with the addition of a late-reschedule fee, choose to reschedule your shoot to another day.

+ What if I need to cancel/reschedule my shoot?

If you decided to cancel your session 14 days or more before your scheduled photo shoot, your entire session & additions fee will be refunded.

If you want to reschedule your photo shoot to another day, please do so 7 days or more before the scheduled date. If you reschedule within that 7 day period before your shoot, a late-reschedule fee will be applied to your session & additions fee.

Rescheduled shoots due to weather will not be subject to a fee.

Cancelled shoots due to the death of a pet or family member will be refunded (subtracting any services already rendered), and sencere condolences will be given.

+ I want to book a session! How do I do it?

To book a session with me, simply go to the Contact page and send me an e-mail or call the provided number. If I am unavailable and you get my voicemail, please leave me a message detailing your name, your desired session, and a contact number or e-mail to reach you with. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Since I only schedule a few sessions a month, you should plan to book your session no sooner than 2 weeks in advance. If I have a cancellation/rescheduled shoot, a day may open up that I can alert you to at your request.

If you have a pet/family member/friend that is in critical condition and you want to get portraits involving them, I will do my absolute best to schedule your session as soon as possible. Photo shoots involving loved ones that are about to pass are my highest priority.

+ Do you give discounts?

Veterans will receive a 10% discount on all services rendered (this includes sessions, additions, and prints/wall art). If they choose to book The Service Session, they will receive the standard 10% off of all services and 20% off of their session fee.

Other than that specific instance, I do not reduce the prices of my work. If my prices are outside of your budget, I'm more than happy to work with you and design a tailor-made session that fits your price-range. My sessions are designed to take the guess-work out of purchasing photography, but I know that budget-concious people still need fabulous photographs!

And my sweet mother gets all photographs free of charge for the rest of her days.

+ What if I have a photo shoot in mind that falls outside the parameters of the sessions?

That's a great question. The sessions are designed to cover a pretty wide range of pet photography, but there are other subjects that need to be photographed besides your pets! If you have an event, an elopement, a fine art project, or another type of project that doesn't fit neatly into my session parameters, don't hesitate to contact me. I will create for you a customized quote based on the details you provide.

+ I have a commercial project I would like you to shoot. Where is your pricing for that?

I thoroughly love working with businesses, publications, and agencies on creative projects. Since photographic needs for commercial/editorial use fall on such a wide spectrum, I will create an estimate for you once I understand the parameters of the project.

+ Do you donate photo shoots to non-profits and animal shelters?

Certainly! I love to donate my talents and time to animal shelters and wildlife rescues. I know that photographs can be powerful tools to help shelters receive donations and get their animals adopted. Especially if there are animals that could greatly benefit from having photographic representation, don't hesitate to drop me a line with your non-profit projects. I will do my best to fit you into my schedule.

If you are outside the 25 mile radius surrounding 78751, travel (and lodging if necessary) will need to be paid for. The rest is free of charge!

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The session fee and any additions are due at the time of booking.

The session fee is for the time and talent of the photographer. It does not include unspecified additions, prints, or wall art.

Texas sales tax of 8.25% will be added to all charges.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

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